Brain Wellness Constellation (BWC) Neuroscience Summer Research Education Program

Brain Wellness Constellation (BWC)
Neuroscience Summer Research Education Program
Request for Applications (RFA)

The objective of the BWC is to realize a fuller understanding behind brain function as a result of injury, addiction, and disease. Engagement in population-based research, clinical care, education, and basic research will assist with the development of technologies and evidence-based practices that bolster prevention of and recovery from brain impairment.

The Brain Wellness Undergraduate Summer Research Program is an initiative of the UM-UMMC Flagship Constellations. The program will provide stipends to undergraduate students for collaborative research experiences in neuroscience related to brain wellness.  In this way it will serve to develop new pipelines for pre-graduate and pre-medical students interested in neuroscience to gain research experience and develop collaborative connections between neuroscience faculty at the Oxford and Jackson campuses. 

Students will be required to select a mentor at either UM/Oxford or UMMC/Jackson and are encouraged to propose mentors on both campuses.  See the NSRE flyer for a list of potential faculty mentors.  At the end of the summer program, the students would present research results at an Expo held in Jackson and both their UM & UMMC mentors would be present. Preliminary data and research results from the Program can be leveraged into Neuroscience Training grant applications.

The program will offer students financial support, educational and career advancing opportunities with hands-on graduate-level laboratory research experience, and guidance by dedicated mentoring faculty on both the UM and UMMC campuses.  This experience will provide first-hand knowledge of scientific methods, critical thinking, and professional networking within the discipline. 

There will be opportunities for joint programs and social events:

  • All participants and their mentors will be invited to a Summer Neuro Research Program Kick-off event on each campus.  At this event, student participants will be introduced to each other and discuss the requirements of participation in the program, and the mechanics of students receiving a stipend.
  • Students will be asked to present their summer research at an Expo and Poster Session at the end of the summer.  At this forum, students can choose to present their research in an oral presentation.  All student mentors from both campuses will attend.
  • Students will engage in a post-project assessment of their research experience.

Faculty Mentors will be expected to:

  1. meet formally with the student at least once per week
  2. encourage the student to participate in program events
  3. ensure that the student is trained in safety and compliance
  4. assist the student with preparation of their Expo presentation
  5. mentor the student throughout the 8-week research experience
  6. attend the Expo at the end of the summer 

Eligibility:  All UM, UMMC and non-UM/UMMC undergraduate students
Program Dates:  May 28 – July 24, 2019
Duration:  8 weeks (40 hours/week) of education, networking and research activities
Stipend:  $3,500

Please note that participating students are not allowed to take courses at UM for the duration of the program.


Request for Application (RFA) Published – March 1, 2019
Competition Launched in InfoReady – March 1, 2019
Student Applications due in InfoReady – March 20, 2019 (11:59 pm)
Decision Date – Notifications begin March 27th and will be complete by April 1, 2019

Required Files:

  1.  Neuroscience Summer Research Education Program Cover Sheet
    Complete the attached Cover Sheet.
  2.  Personal Statement (Limit 250 words)
     Describe yourself, your research interests, and why you are interested in the program.  Describe how participating in the program will enhance your career development.
  3.  Letter of Support
     Include a one-page letter of support written and signed by your Primary Faculty Mentor. The letter should describe the project your mentor would like you to work on, the role you will play, a description of the science, and a mentoring plan (i.e., exposure to educational activities, level of engagement with mentor, etc.).  The Primary Mentor should also state whether a Co-Mentor from the other campus will be involved and include contact information.
  4.  Transcripts
    Include a copy of academic transcripts.  Unofficial transcripts will be accepted.

Submission instructions:

Combine all documents into one PDF file. To submit the application, go to the Ole Miss InfoReady Review portal at Click on Neuroscience Summer Research Education Program 2019, then click Submit Application. Provide the requested information and upload the PDF proposal where prompted. Submission must be received no later than 11:59 pm on March 20, 2019. You should receive an automated e-mail confirmation message once your application has been successfully submitted. If you don’t receive the message, contact ASAP.