Advancing Mississippi Conference, June 9th, in Jackson, MS

Three University of Mississippi faculty members and two UM students will be presenting public policy and economics related research related to Mississippi at the “Advancing Mississippi: Research for a Better Mississippi for More Mississippians,” June 9th in Jackson, Mississippi. The event is being hosted by the

University Research Center (URC) – the economic policy of the Mississippi Institutions for Higher Learning (IHL).

UM presenters at the conference will be:

"An Exploratory Study of Effects of Workplace Variables on Organizational Commitment of Mississippi Correctional Staff", by Linda Keena, Associate Professor of Legal Studies, and Eric Lambert, Chair of Legal Studies, with Zachary Buckner, UM grad student in Criminal Justice.

"Sex Education in Mississippi: An Analysis of the Early Impacts of HB999," Robert Brown, Professor of Political Science, and Sara Porcheddu, UM student.

The full agenda is available online:

Registration is free until Thursday, May 12th. After that, the cost is $20 per person. 

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