Technologies Available for Licensing


Pharmaceuticals, Devices, Agriculture & Research Tools UM File No PI Patent Status
Bioadhesive Hot-Melt Extruded Film for Topical and Mucosal Adhesion Applications and Drug Delivery and Process for Preparation Thereof 1520 Repka 6,375,963
Novel Selective Algaecides for Control of Cyanochloronta 1630 Nanayakkara 6,949,250
Method and Apparatus for Pellet Freezing Molten Solid Matrices 1661 Cheboyina 7,413,690
Novel Compounds Exhibiting HIF-1 and VEGF Inhibition 1760 Nagle 7,375,132
Predictive Preclinical Screening Model for Anxiety and Depression  1910 Sufka 8,999,293
Underwater Aquaculture Counter 3270 Chambers 7,688,675
Treatment for Drugs of Abuse & Toxicity: Selective Sigma Receptor Ligands  3430 McCurdy 8,686,008
Patents Pending
Prolylcarboxypeptidase (PRCP) for Inflamation 8190 Ziaeddin 9,193,762
Preparation of the Pre Coated RP-Rotors and Universal Chromatorotors, Chromatographic Separation Devices and Methods for Centrifugal Preparative Chromatography 8270 Ilias Patent Pending
Stabilized Formulation of Triamcinolone Acetonide 3920 Repka Patent Pending
Systems and Methods for Preparing Solid Lipid Nanopaticles 8690 Majumdar Patent Pending
Methods for Detecting and Categorizing Skin Sensitizers 8680 Chittiboyina Patent Pending
Engineering, IT & Security      
Thermoacoustic Refrigeration Device and Method 3100 Raspet 6,688,112
Selective Human Motion Sensors  3330 Sabatier 7,894,305
Particle Feeder for Coal Combustion Studies 3560 Chen 8,393,281
3D Vector Teaching Aid 8310 Tadepalli D698865
Laser Multi-Beam Differential Interferometric Sensor and Methods for Vibration Imaging 8460 Aranchuk Patent Pending
Energy & Environment      
A Mobile Process for Disposal of Radioactive Sludge from Oil and Gas Production 1791 Matthews 7,360,967
Method for Detecting Buried Objects by Measuring Seismic Vibration
Induced by Acoustical Coupling with a Remote
3030 Sabatier 6,081,481
Method and Device for Reducing Jet Engine Noise 3130 Seiner 7,240,493
Indolizine-Based Donors as Organic Sensitizers Components for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells 8780 Delcamp Patent Pending
Multidomain Plate Acoustic Wave Devices 3500 Ostrovskii 8,344,588
Membrane Process for Low Pressure Gas Dehumidification / Drying 7080 Scovazzo Patent Pending


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