7.2 - Grant/Contract Post-Award Administration: Responsibilities


Principal Investigator/Project Director Post-Award Responsibilities

The PI/PD is responsible for the day-to-day management of the program in accordance with university/sponsor policies and guidelines. Responsibilities include:

  • assembling and providing guidance to program personnel;
  • expending funds in accordance with university/sponsor regulations;
  • providing the Accounting Office with activity reports documenting the personnel time devoted to the program;
  • working with the Accounting Office to document cost sharing committed in the grant, as appropriate;
  • keeping a current equipment inventory list and preparing and submitting annual equipment reports (see Grant/Contract Equipment Inventory form and UM Federal Property Manual);
  • conducting the program as described in the proposal and award notification;
  • providing technical liaison with the sponsor;
  • preparing and submitting technical reports and invention reports and cooperating in the completion of other reports, as required; and
  • maintaining records in accordance with university and sponsor regulations.

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs Post-Award Responsibilities

The ORSP is responsible for the non-financial administration of sponsored programs. This includes:

  • negotiating and accepting award terms and conditions;
  • preparing subcontracts related to sponsored programs;
  • securing audit certifications from intended recipients of subawards;
  • ensuring that the PI/PD has obtained all required certifications and assurances (regarding, for example, the use of animals or human subjects in research, biohazards, etc.);
  • serving as a liaison between the university community and the external sponsor regarding non-fiscal grants management issues;
  • coordinating the process of requesting budget revisions and no-cost extensions;
  • processing actions that require prior sponsor approval or those allowed by the expanded authorities (see Section 7.11);
  • monitoring report submission;
  • coordinating overall non-fiscal grants management; and
  • ensuring university concurrence with federal regulations regarding non-fiscal compliance issues.

Accounting Office Post-Award Responsibilities

The Accounting Office is responsible for financial administration of all external grants and contracts. Specific responsibilities include:

  • serving as contact point with agencies for fiscal matters;
  • assisting PIs/PDs in fiscal post-award administration;
  • ensuring consistent application of federal policies related to fiscal matters;
  • establishing accounts for programs after fiscal review of award documentation;
  • informing PIs/PDs of program expenditures and encumbrances;
  • processing expenditures and submitting fiscal reports;
  • ensuring that all documented cost sharing is reported to the sponsor;
  • calculating and recovering all legitimate indirect costs; and
  • closing out accounts.