7.13 - Principal Investigator/Project Director Transfer and Transfer of Equipment


The official recipient of the sponsored program is the university. If the PI/PD leaves The University of Mississippi, a decision must be made as to whether or not the award will be transferred with the PI/PD. PIs/PDs should discuss their transfer plans with their immediate supervisors/division heads and the ORSP. If a transfer is approved by both the university and the sponsor, the ORSP and the Accounting Office work with the receiving institution and the sponsor to effect the transfer of the grant.

Title to equipment acquired with sponsored funds usually vests with the grantee (the university) but there does exist a general process by which a departing PI/PD may request the transfer of equipment purchased with sponsored funds to another institution. Each circumstance requires individual attention so that the process represents UM’s interests appropriately while respecting the future research needs of the PI/PD and the sponsor’s directives.

In brief, the PI/PD would complete the Request for Transfer of Equipment Acquired with Sponsored Projects Funds form (posted on the ORSP Award Management - Equipment page) and submit this form, along with a copy of the sponsor’s equipment policy (if any), to the PI/PD’s department chair and dean for approval of the transfer of equipment. The Vice Chancellor for Research and Sponsored Programs and the Director of Accounting must also approve the transfer. Once all signatures have been secured, the PI/PD would contact the Procurement Services Office to undertake the process of inspection, transfer, and confirmation of receipt of equipment.