2.5.1 - Principal Investigator/Project Director


University policy requires that the Principal Investigator/Project Director (PI/PD) of external grants and contracts be a permanent employee (faculty member or staff member) of the university at the time of proposal submission. The responsibilities of the PI/PD include the following:

  • Develops program plans consistent with mission of submitting department/unit and college/school/division
  • Writes and prepares proposal narrative and budget
  • Transmits proposal, with completed and signed UM Transmittal Sheet, to department chair or unit director, college or school dean or division head, and ORSP
  • Sends copy of final proposal (as transmitted to sponsor) to ORSP for official university file
  • Upon award, assumes responsibility for
    • implementation and management of program consistent with all university and sponsor policies
    • proper technical, programmatic, procurement, and fiscal management including monitoring of budgets and expenditures in compliance with the University’s “Responsibilities of Signatory Officers" policy
    • appropriate maintenance of records
    • high quality of program performance
    • preparation of all technical or programmatic reports
    • reporting of all inventions that may result
    • reporting of equipment location for inventory purposes, as appropriate