Section 7: Receiving

The Receiving Department in Procurement Services is generally the point of entry for shipments of freight to the University. Shipments received in Procurement Services will be delivered to departments on a daily basis by Receiving personnel. The delivery of large shipments (size or quantity) will be arranged through the Physical Plant. Receiving personnel are not authorized to unpack boxes, set up merchandise, or make a delivery to multiple points within a department.

Before a package is delivered to a department, Receiving personnel will normally generate a paper goods receipt based on the packing list. Someone representing the department must sign this goods receipt upon delivery. When the property is delivered to the department, the PI/Departmental Administrator is responsible for examining it to determine quantity received, condition and any transit-related discrepancies. If the merchandise received is unacceptable for any reason (damaged, incomplete, incorrect, etc.), Receiving must be contacted by e-mail within 48 hours of receipt. After 48 hours the goods receipt will be changed to a payable status.

For property that is delivered directly to the department (does not go through central Receiving), the PI/Departmental Administrator is responsible for acknowledging receipt in the university SAP system and for notifying the UFPA of receipt of government-furnished property.