Section 13: Reports of Government Property

The PI/Departmental Administrator has the primary responsibility for preparing and submitting interim and closeout reports of government property as required by the sponsoring agencies. Reports should be submitted first to the UFPA for review/approval. The UFPA will contact Property Control for a list of all capital equipment purchased under the award, will obtain the signature of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Sponsored Programs if an authorized signature is required, and will coordinate with the PI/Departmental Administrator to ensure that the report is submitted to the agency in a timely manner. See Related Resources – Reporting Schedule for information on due dates, forms, etc. The UFPA and Property Control may assist in this process. Contact information for property reporting is included in Appendix 24.3.

Information on government property at subcontractor locations is reported to the PI/Departmental Administrator using the Subcontractor Equipment Inventory form or applicable agency forms such as DD Form 1662 (DoD Property in the Custody of Contractors), NASA Form 1018 (NASA Property in the Custody of Contractors), and DOE F 4300.3 (U.S. Department of Energy Semi-Annual Summary Report of DOE-Owned Plant and Capital Equipment).