4.9 - Protests, Picketing, or Strikes


In the event of protests or picketing (by animal rights groups, for example) or a work stoppage, all AR personnel are to report to work as usual. In doing so, they are to avoid confrontations if they pass through picket lines or protest marchers. The University Public Relations specialists handle the dissemination of information and answer questions about our research. University Police handle security. AR should request increased security measures for all animal housing and support facilities and may participate in keeping all facilities secure.

  1. Animal health checks: If the number of employees on site is decreased, priority is given to activities which directly affect animal health and welfare: health checks and treatments, feeding, watering, and maintaining minimal sanitation
  2. Food and water supplies: Food and water supplies on-site should not be affected. Closing the receiving dock and deferring deliveries may be considered for some activities such as animal rights protests. If prolonged actions by outside groups hinder deliveries, supplies may be obtained by having them delivered off-site, then picked up by U of M truck and delivered to our receiving dock or another dock elsewhere on campus. Similarly, if the normal waste pick-up procedure is disrupted, waste may be taken out by a different dock, incinerated, or kept in cold-storage temporarily.
  3. Sanitation: Sanitation should proceed normally, assuming sufficient personnel are present. If staff shortages occur, sanitation will be prioritized as described in 1. Animal Health Checks above.
  4. Environmental support: Environmental systems are not expected to be affected. If the environment is altered, as by sabotage, for example, the specific problem will be addressed as described in the section for that emergency (see: 4.1 - Air Handling Problems; 4.2 - Bomb Threat; 4.3 - Break-Ins; 4.4 - Chemical/Radiation/HazMat Spill; 4.5 - Electrical Power Outage; 4.6 - Fire; 4.8 - Phone or Paging System Outage; 4.11 - Temperature Problems).
  5. Personnel: AR personnel are expected to report to work. AR personnel may be required to perform duties outside their usual responsibilities in order to preserve animal health.