4.12 - Tornado or Other Severe Storms


  1. Animal health checks: All animals will be checked as soon as access to the facilities is permitted by the safety personnel. Dead animals will be removed from cages and put into a cold room. If the animal morgue is damaged by the tornado, dead animals may be taken to a refrigerator in another facility and stored until arrangements for pick-up and disposal can be made, or may be cremated. Animals to be relocated due to tornado damage to a facility will be moved as soon as possible to another suitable facility. Animals suffering from injury will be examined as quickly as possible and treated or euthanatized as necessary.
  2. Food and water supplies: If a tornado or subsequent water damage destroys any or all of the feed supply, the supplier or a local vendor will be contacted for replacements. If needed, feed will be shipped by overnight delivery or obtained from another facility. Spoiled or contaminated feed will be discarded and replaced as soon as possible. In a case where a tornado disrupts the water supply to a facility, water will be transported in from other facilities on campus.
  3. Sanitation: Normal sanitation is resumed as soon after the tornado as possible. If the facility is intact but utilities are compromised, see Section 4. below.
  4. Environmental support: Damage to environmental systems is assessed by the staff on site. If the animal facility is undamaged but environmental systems are compromised, decisions are made by the Director, Director designee, or ranking on-site AR employee based on professional judgment of how to minimize animal distress (see the sections which apply: 4.1 - Air Handling Problems; 4.4 - Chemical/Radiation/HazMat Spill; 4.5 - Electrical Power Outage; 4.6 - Fire; 4.11 - Temperature Problems; 4.13 - Water Supply Interruption). In the event of major environmental problems (such as severe structural damage) which cannot be restored in a short time, the goal is to preserve animal life or to humanely euthanize animals. Animals may be relocated to other facilities if possible.
  5. Personnel: If a tornado occurs during working hours all employees seek shelter in a safe area immediately. Employees in below-ground facilities should remain there unless instructed otherwise. If a tornado damages animal facilities after regular working hours, personnel will have access to the facility as permitted by authorities. The Director and veterinarian for the area will be notified of any tornado damage and will assess any resulting damage. The Director/designee is also notified. Employees will be contacted to report to work as needed.