Request for Information: UM Biosciences Research and Education Capabilities


Over the next week, ORSP will inventory capabilities in bioscience research and education. This information will be included in a UM bioscience capabilities inventory, which will be combined with corresponsonding capabilities from the other MRC institutions and shared with other stakeholders in Mississippi.  For purposes of this solicitation, bioscience (or life science) research and education capabilities are those dealing with living organisims and their organziation, life processes, and relationships to each other and their environment. To have your individual or departmental capabilities considered for inclusion in this listing, please e-mail the following to by 5/16:

- a short (<=140 character) summary of your bioscience-related research capabilities understandable by a general technical audience
- a list of your bioscience-themed grants for the last 5 years
- a list of your bioscience-themed publications for the last 5 years
- a list of any bioscience-themed industry partnerships or research relationships
- names of any existing or planned programs of study, certificates, or emphasis areas with bioscience themes in your department (Chairs)
- short descriptions of any bioscience-related instrumentation or facilities
- other bioscience-related needs, interests and aspirations

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