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Subawards (Subcontracts) Forms and Information

Checklist for Determination of Subrecipient or Contractor  (Updated January 15,2019)
Use this form to determine if an organization that will assist UM in accomplishing an externally-funded project should be a subrecipient or a contractor. See Subaward Processes and Procedures Handbook, Section 3.
Subrecipient Commitment Form
Use this form to collect information about each Subrecipient included on a UM proposal.  It verifies the eligibilty of the Subrecipient and provides necessary information to complete a risk assessment as required by Uniform Guidance.
Request to Issue Subcontract/Subcontract Modification
Use this form to initiate the issuance of a subaward by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. See Subaward Processes and Procedures Handbook, Section 4.
Certification for Payments under Subcontract
If a subrecipient's invoice is acceptable, the ORSP Contracts and Grants Accountant attaches this form and forwards the certificate and invoice to the Principal Investigator, who is responsible for approving all invoices with regard to the subcontractor’s performance. See Subaward Processes and Procedures Handbook, Section 5.
Subaward Checklist
This checklist outlines the roles and responsibilities of the UM Principal Investigator (PI) and the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) with regard to subawards on sponsored programs.
Subcontract Close-Out Certification
Use this form to certify to the ORSP that a subcontractor has fulfilled all of its responsibilities and to request payment of the subcontractor's final invoice.

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