William T. Grant Foundation Research Grants on Inequality or Use of Research Evidence in Policy and Pratice

This program provides research grants ranging from $100K to $600K over 2-3 years to support theory-building and empirical research projects on reducing inequality or the use of research evidence in policy and practice.

The first step in applying for one of these grants is to submit a Letter of Inquiry. These are accepted three times per year; upcoming due dates are: 1/6/2015; 5/5/2015; and 8/4/2015. LOIs are reviewed by internal William T. Grant social scientists/generalists, and within 8 weeks, the submitter will learn whether the idea was rejected, or else will be invited to submit a full proposal within 6 weeks or 6 months. These full proposals will be reviewed via a peer review process involving external reviewers. Applicants who receive the most favorable reviews are then given an opportunity to provide written responses to those reviews before the Senior Program Team makes a final funding recommendation. The entire process takes 12-15 months, and about 5% of initial LOIs result in funded full proposals.

For general information about applying to the William T. Grant foundation, see http://wtgrantfoundation.org/Grants#apply. For specific instructions on applying for Research Grants, see the Research Grants Application Guide at https://dl.dropbox.com/s/b9mtcp76usr7la7/WTG_ResearchGrantsApplicationGuide_Fall2014.pdf?dl=0.

UM researchers interested in submitting a Letter of Inquiry should notify ORSP.