ORNL Challenge for Undergraduates, Summer 2016 Internships

This innovative new internship program at ORNL invites undergraduate juniors and seniors to help develop their own unique method for solving a complex and challenging scientific research problem. The program is geared towards students who think outside of the box and are ready to put their problem solving skills to the test.
ORNL’s two grand research Challenges for 2016 focus on “Simulation and Design of Artificial Model Magnets” and “Distributed Energy Research – Powering Microgrids.” To apply for the ORNL Challenge Program, applicants must write a proposal that identifies possible solutions to one of these two research Challenges. If the student’s proposal is chosen as one of the top choices, the applicant will be offered a 10-week summer 2016 internship at ORNL, to implement their research solution. A competitive stipend ($650/week), furnished housing and utilities, travel assistance, and professional development activities, will be included as part of the internship.
Applicants must be classified as junior or senior undergraduate students by the time the internship starts in summer 2016, and currently (now) enrolled at an accredited U.S. college or university. There are no citizenship requirements or GPA requirements to apply.
Find the full Challenge descriptions, the proposal template and the application link on our website:www.orau.org/ornlchallenge. For questions about the program, email Nicie Murphy, nicie.murphy@orau.org orORNLedu@orau.org
Deadline for applications: February 19, 2016 at 11:59 p.m.

There is a shortage of applicants for Challenge #2, so those still interested in applying for Challenge #2 are invited to use a modified application.  At this time, ONRL are willing to consider applicants who are willing to submit a one page executive summary of a Solution as it pertains to the Challenge question along with a copy of an unofficial academic record/transcript.   Click here to review Challenge #2: The ORNL Distributed Energy Research Challenge in detail.

You may submit these application materials directly to Dr. Nicie Murphy via e-mail for consideration.  Please do not send her personally identifiable information (such as SSN, etc.) via email.  The deadline for consideration via this method is by close of business on Monday, February 1, 2016.  

Nicie C. Murphy, Ph.D. Project Manager, Scientific Assessment and Workforce Development, Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, ORNL Office: 865-241-6958, nicie.murphy@orau.org

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is the U.S. Department of Energy’s largest science and energy research laboratory, and is located in historic Oak Ridge, TN, the original site of the Manhattan Project. ORNL’s research focuses include advanced materials, clean energy, national security, neutron sciences, nuclear sciences, supercomputing and computation. You can read more about ORNL here: www.ornl.gov. 
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