NSF CAREER 2017: Important Dates and Resources

Priority Date for letting ORSP know of your intentions to submit (and to which directorate) in 2017. Please e-mail orsppreaward@olemiss.edu or contact your assigned ORSP Program Development Specialist to confirm your intentions.
Also, Priority Date for requesting interactive or one-on-one proposal mentoring from ORSP Research Development Fellows (researchfellows@olemiss.edu). 
Mentoring from Research Development Fellows is guaranteed for requests received by this priority date.
Mentoring requests received after the priority date will be considered on a first come, first served basis, as-time-permits
6/28/2017:  Priority Date for requesting an “enhanced review” of your narrative (Project Description and Summary)
A thorough enhanced review is guaranteed for narratives submitted by this priority date.  Enhanced reviews involve reading every word of the narrative, and providing feedback (including editorial suggestions) related to the grantsmanship aspects of the proposal; this is NOT a technical review.
Enhanced reviews will be provided by the Director of Research Development and/or the Research Development Fellows
Enhanced review requests received after the priority date will be considered on a first come, first served, basis, as time permits
7/12/2017: ORSP online transmittal due date for BIO, CISE, and EHR directorates
7/13/2017: ORSP online transmittal due date for ENG directorate
7/14/2017: ORSP online transmittal due date for GEO, MPS, and SBE directorates
ORSP will carefully review for correctness/compliance all proposal materials available for transmittals submitted by the due date.
Transmittals received after the due date will be considered late. Late transmittals will be triaged and reviewed if and as time is available after all on-time transmittals have been reviewed.
Priority will be given to on-time transmittals. 
Transmittals MUST include at a minimum: 
final budget spreadsheet
final budget justification
mature drafts of project description and project summary
signed Departmental Letter
The following documents SHOULD also be either included in the transmittal, or uploaded to NSF Fastlane, by this date as well, to provide adequate time for ORSP to review them.
final Biographical Sketch(es) in NSF format
signed letters of collaboration, if applicable, in the prescribed single-sentence format
collaborators and other affiliations information
references cited
current and pending support
facilities, equipment, and other resources document
data management plan
postdoctoral mentoring plan (if applicable)
any other documents that you want ORSP to review
7/19/2017: NSF Due date for BIO, CISE, and EHR proposals
7/20/2017: NSF Due date for ENG proposals
7/21/2017:  NSF Due date for GEO, MPS, and SBE proposals
The January 2017 version of the NSF Proposal and Award Policies & Procedure Guide (PAPPG) is in effect. See 
The slides from ORSP’s April Information Sessions on NSF CAREER can be downloaded from http://www.research.olemiss.edu/presentations.
The 2017 CAREER Solicitation, NSF CAREER Webinar Slides, Webinar Recording, Frequently Asked Questions, and abstracts of previously funded awards are available at https://www.nsf.gov/funding/pgm_summ.jsp?pims_id=503214
Six UM faculty members who are current or previous NSF CAREER award holders have offered to share copies of their funded NSF CAREER proposals with fellow faculty members who are developing their own CAREER proposals. This information will be shared as faculty confirm their intentions to apply.