MississippI NSF EPSCoR Seed Grants

Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems Seed Research Grant Program 2014

Program: The MS EPSCoR Seed Research Grants are designed to strengthen competitiveness in the focus areas of computational chemistry, computational biology, and biosystems simulation in the partnering institutions as defined in the funded proposal. The partnering institutions are Jackson State University, Mississippi State University, the University of Mississippi (including the University of Mississippi Medical Center), and the University of Southern Mississippi. The seed research grants are targeted for research that builds on the foundation of existing research focus areas, that extends the breadth of research in the three research areas, and that establishes bridges between the focus areas. The intent is to promote a stronger interdisciplinary research network in Mississippi and to make Mississippi researchers more nationally competitive in research in each of the three focus areas and in research that cuts across focus areas. The proposals must be for new unfunded research or a continuation of a previously funded seed grant.

The grants are targeted to less experienced investigators initiating research in one of these areas or to experienced faculty changing fields and/or initiating a project in a new area that will strengthen research in modeling and simulation of complex systems. Although the budget can remain entirely at a single institution, grants promoting multi-university collaborations and research that involves more than one focus area will be a priority. Preference will be given to projects that integrate research across institutions and across the focus areas of computational chemistry, computational biology, and biosystems simulation.

All research must be tightly integrated with core goals of the current project. Applicants are encouraged to read the description of the 2009-2015 project and Strategic Plan at: http://www.msepscor.org/ prior to preparing proposals to ensure that the proposed project is consistent with the objectives of the award. Applicants are also encouraged to contact the Science Coordinator to discuss the proposed research prior to submission (see contact information below).

Dates: Proposal deadline: April 11, 2014; Notification: May15, 2014; Start Date: June 1, 2014.

For more information on the program, download the word document listed below or visit http://www.msepscor.org