Chemistry without Chemicals: 10/31 Talk

What Do Chemistry, Video Games, Supercomputers, and the Nobel Prize Have in Common?

On October 9th, the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to 3 scientists for their contributions to the field of computational chemistry.  Computation, modeling and simulation have evolved into powerful tools that form a third pillar for scientific inquiry alongside hypotheses and experiments.  This talk will provide an overview of the role that computation and simulation have come to play in the field of chemistry as well as this year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry and how it relates to research currently being done at the University of Mississippi.

Speaker:   Dr. Greg Tschumper, UM Professor of Chemistry &  Biochemistry
Date:         Thursday, October 31st, 2013
Time:         3:30 PM
Location:   Thad Cochran Research Center 1000 (Auditorium)



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