3.13 - Information Needed When Conducting Research Off-Campus

Frequently, faculty and graduate students conduct their research at sites other than the Oxford, DeSoto, or Tupelo campuses of the University of Mississippi. As always, researchers have a primary responsibility to protect human subjects from undue research risks. In research away from the University campuses, researchers incur additional obligations including obtaining the permission of institutions to conduct the research in their locations and with subjects for whom they have some responsibility.

The University of Mississippi IRB requires that researchers provide documentation from the off-campus institution that the researcher has been given permission to conduct research at locations administered by the institution. The type of permission depends on the location and the nature of the research.

IRB Approval
When the off-campus institution has an Institutional Review Board, the University of Mississippi IRB expects the researcher to provide an approval letter from the off-campus IRB stating its permission for research to be conducted at that location. Examples of institutions with IRBs include another comprehensive university, a teaching hospital, or a state mental health institution.
A Letter of Permission
When the off-campus institution does not have an IRB, the University of Mississippi IRB requires a letter of permission from an official of the institution, on institutional letterhead. Examples of institutions without IRBs include public and private elementary schools, small colleges, and health care clinics.